I am a final year PhD student in computer science at University College London and The Alan Turing Institute, under the guidance of Mirco Musolesi and Stephen Hailes. I work on artificial intelligence for networked systems, with a particular interest in developing algorithms for challenging decision-making problems that arise in the real world.


[Jan 2023] New work out in Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Planning spatial networks with Monte Carlo tree search. We propose a tree search framework for the construction of spatial networks. We improve in scalability over prior reinforcement learning methods, and perform case studies for improving the resilience and efficiency of Internet networks and metro systems.

[Jan 2023] Our paper RLQ: Workload Allocation With Reinforcement Learning in Distributed Queues has been published in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. We propose a scheduler for distributed task queues based on reinforcement learning. An implementation for the Celery framework in Python is available.

[Dec 2022] We presented our paper Dynamic Network Reconfiguration for Entropy Maximization using Deep Reinforcement Learning at the First Learning on Graphs Conference (LoG 2022). We propose a method for "scrambling" a network by increasing its entropy, and perform a case study for intrusion detection in cybersecurity.