I am from Botoșani, Romania, a region which (perhaps coincidentally) spawned several of Romania's foremost intellectuals, writers, and artists. 1

I like to spend the hours I'm not working learning languages (see below), as well as reading and watching films — I plan to start writing reviews on here at some point. I am also a very novice powerlifter (current PBs 105/132.5/155).


I am an aspiring polyglot and find language learning to be a very worthwhile activity, both in terms of promoting cross-cultural awareness and communication as well as its benefits on cognition in general. I am currently focused on Romance and Germanic languages, but plan to venture beyond Indo-European languages longer-term.

  • Româna este limba mea maternă.
  • I've spoken English for as long as I can remember.
  • Mi Español es bastante avanzado, y tomaré el examen DELE C1 del Instituto Cervantes en el noviembre de 2020 retrasado por culpa del coronavirus.
  • J'ai etudié français dans le lycée (et j'ai obtennu le DELF Scolaire B2), mais il y a longtemps que je ne l'ai utilisé pas.
  • Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch.
  • Parlo un po d'italiano.


My Erdős number is currently 4, owing to the following path:

Victor-Alexandru Darvariu -> Stephen Hailes -> Karl Henrik Johansson -> Béla Bollobás -> Paul Erdős.

Curiously enough, my Bacon number is also 4 (I did some amateur acting in college).

Victor-Alexandru Darvariu -> Alexandru Voicu -> Marcel Iureș -> Tony Plana -> Kevin Bacon.

  1. I am not claiming to be in either of these categories :)